Creating Spreadsheets

Creating Spreadsheets

Creating, naming, and renaming a spreadsheet 


  • The file spreadsheet title is displayed in the top left of the spreadsheet, above the menu.


Copying a spreadsheet 

  • In Google Drive, you have to right-click the google sheets file on a PC, or CTRL+click on a Mac, on the title of the spreadsheet document. From the pop-up that appears, select make a copy.


Importing and converting excel or open-office spreadsheets 

  • Start in your Google Drive. Click the new button in the upper left. Click file upload. Select and open the file you’d like to upload and convert.

file upload

Select the item you wish to convert to Google Sheets format. Click the more actions icon in the upper right, and select open with google sheets. This will automatically convert the original spreadsheet document into a new google sheets document.


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