Get The Best Speed for Your Magento Site with NitroPack in 2021

Get The Best Speed for Your Magento Site with NitroPack in 2021


It’s definitely important for an online store to load fast when someone enters the site. The page loading time affects your eCommerce transactions, SEO, SEM rankings, and frustrates your visitors. Therefore, you should always optimize your online store site.

If you have your online store set up on Magento, you can use NitroPack to help you optimize your site performance. Fortunately, NitroPack has a dedicated extension for Magento that you can try to use.

In this post, we will tell you about NitroPack for Magento.

Getting Started

NitroPack for Magento is an extension dedicated to Magento. NitroPack can optimize your Magento site’s performance on the internet so your site can load faster. With this extension, you can get the fastest loading time and highest Google PageSpeed possible. As a result, more happy customers visit your shopping site, and the higher conversion rate you get. However, this dedicated extension is still in development and provides limited support.

What Is NitroPack?

NitroPack is a cloud-based website performance optimization plugin that optimizes your website performance. This means that NitroPack performs all optimizations in the cloud. So, it is a very lightweight solution with a lower CPU overhead compared to standard caching plugins. Not only that, but NitroPack also analyzes Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse results for your website to give your website a faster loading time.

NitroPack has integration with several platforms, one of them is Magento. By connecting to your Magento site, NitroPack will automatically optimize your site and make it load faster. Moreover, NitroPack is designed for Google PageSpeed V5 (Lighthouse), hence, it’s perfect for boosting your Magento site on Google.

Read the full review about NitroPack here.

What Is Magento?

Magento is a platform to create eCommerce websites. It’s one of the Top 10 Leading eCommerce platforms in 2021. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of businesses are using this open-source to start their online store including Nike, Samsung, etc. With Magento, you can start your online shop store for free.

Apart from that, one of the vital things to consider when creating an eCommerce site like Magento is the page loading time. Thanks to Magento’s wide community, you can integrate your site to third-party plugins, including NitroPack so you don’t have to worry about slow-loading sites.

Why Use NitroPack for Magento?

Speed is vital for eCommerce sites. Your eCommerce site can’t attract more visitors if it loads slowly as soon as they visit your store. A slow website affects E-commerce transactions, SEO, SEM rankings, and frustrates your visitors. Consequently, those will affect your conversion rate too. Therefore, optimizing your Magento’s speed performance with NitroPack is necessary to boost your sales. Moreover, NitroPack offers a guaranteed PageSpeed score.

Besides that, NitroPack is a website performance optimization tool that is compatible with eCommerce since it was explicitly built for large e-commerce stores and high-traffic situations. Hence, it can handle any kind of traffic situation that your Magento store is in so that your store won’t collapse at any moment. 

Moreover, NitroPack has a dedicated extension for Magento providing great features for your site. It has great features for eCommerce, such as cache warmup, cache invalidation, and marketing campaigns. Read more

What Are the Features of NitroPack for Magento?

Perfect Google PageSpeed Score 

Once fully configured, NitroPack guarantees a striking up to 100 Google page speed score. The NitroPack servers perform parallel optimizations with different approaches and choose the highest scoring method to deliver. All of that while keeping your pages and website stable.

Built-in CDN 

No need separate CDN plugin since NitroPack already provides a CDN for your site. NitroPack automatically enables CDN for your fonts, CSS, JS, and image files, all served via HTTP2 from the nearest edge location.

Automatic Image Optimization 

NitroPack optimizes all of the images on your website for maximum quality and minimal weight. Moreover, it works automatically and no manual optimization is required. NitroPack handles the entire image optimization process for you.

HTML, CSS & JS Minification

NitroPack also optimizes all of the heavy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so your website server won’t bear any of the optimization load and will remain free. Therefore, your website can load even faster.

Cache Warmup 

Cache warmup creates a page cache for the non-optimized pages. Hence, it avoids request and response latency during the time when your website is being loaded to a newly created instance. Cache Warmup will prepare cached content for the languages, currencies, and page types that you have selected. It’s a great feature that is specifically made for eCommerce stores.

Where to Download NitroPack for Magento?

You can download the NitroPack for Magento extension here.

How to Connect Magento with NitroPack?

If you want to connect your Magento sites, you have to add your store to NitroPack Dashboard. Do the following steps:

  1. Download NitroPack for Magento extension
  2. Login to NitroPack and go to Dashboard > Connect Your Website
  3. Copy your Site ID and Site Secret
  4. Go back to your Magento panel and find the NitroPack for Magento extension
  5. Click Connect

All done! Now your Magento store is connected with NitroPack.

Is NitroPack for Magento Free?

There is a free plan available. However, it’s better to upgrade to the premium plan so you can get more advanced features dedicated to Magento.



You can optimize your Magento’s speed performance with NitroPack. In fact, NitroPack has provided a dedicated extension for Magento to help you boost website speed. It comes with an additional feature specifically built for eCommerce, Cache Warmup. Besides that, it still provides optimization features that you can find from the NitroPack plugin, such as built-in CDN, HTML, CSS, JS minification, and automatic image optimization. For now, this official NitroPack for Magento extension is available with limited support. You can try the plugin for free and upgrade to the premium plan.



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