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It’s definitely important for an online store to load fast when someone enters the site. The page loading time affects your eCommerce transactions, SEO, SEM rankings, and frustrates your visitors. Therefore, you should always optimize your online store site. If you have your online store set up on Magento, you can use NitroPack to help […]

When it comes to a website’s performance, speed is of the utmost importance. To reduce your bounce rates and increase visitors’ engagement, it’s fundamental to have a fast-loading website. A site that is optimized for speed not only enhances the user experience (UX) but can also help to boost your search engine rankings. Therefore, you […]

It is important for you to understand redirects especially when your website is getting bigger and has attracted many visitors. Redirects, such as 301, 302, and others can help to maintain your website page ranking. It prevents your visitor to enter the 404 pages when they click on the broken links of your website.  Of […]

Building a website requires many efforts, whether it is to design a beautiful theme, create engaging content, do maintenance, and many more. Of course, all these efforts to raise your website rank on search engines shouldn’t be wasted cause of 404 not found pages.  404 Pages is an HTTP header that appears when someone clicks […]