Translate Words with Loco Translate Plugin

Translate Words with Loco Translate Plugin

  1. Install and activate the Loco Translate plugin
  2. For example I will translate the word “Description” on a single product page,description
  3. Enter Menu Loco Translate


In the Loco Translate menu, there are several menus including Themes and Plugins, if I want to translate data from the theme, enter the theme menu and select the desired theme because the word “Description” is in the WooCommerce plugin, I select the plugin menu and select WooCommerce Plugin

  1. Create a new template or edit an existing template if one already exists,translate

Select the language first, this translate template file will work, you can set the language/language in Settings> general> Language according to the language translate file that was created, as an example here I made Indonesian, and it will work when in Settings> general, The language is set to Indonesian

  1. Find the word “Description” and translate the wordfind

Click Save When finished,

The word “Description” has been changed to “Description” in the single productsave


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