Author: Nadiyya Nurul Nuha

There are several settings that you should know in the Elementor page editor. General Settings To open these settings you can click the gear button at the bottom left corner of your screen. To change the page Title. To change page Status, such as “published, drafts, etc.” Featured Image on the page Option to hide […]

In both Lite and Pro elements, various tiger elements are provided, including special elements from Tokyo press, here we will explain how the basic settings of one of the elements, namely “Element Headling” There are three tabs or settings for each element, namely: Content The content tab is the part to change the contents of […]

When you have created a page with the Elementor and want to use the page in another domain, you can move it by exporting and importing templates: Export Templates Select the Elementor menu. Select the My Templates menu. Hover on the selected list then click “export template”. Import Templates Enter the Elementor menu. Open the […]

In this article, I want to discuss a little about Elementor and how I work using it. Long story short, here is the list: Basic Elementor Introduction Tips for creating pages with Elementor  Basic settings for Elementor elements (content, style, & advance) The process of creating templates from scratch Determine the theme Determine the section […]