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Here’s a Quick Way to Make an External / Affiliate Product: Make sure you have read how to make a simple product Select Product data External / affiliate product, then enter all the required data such as Product URL, Button Text and others Make sure to click the Publish button to save the product data […]

Here are the steps for making Digital products quickly and easily, you can create new products or update existing products, Check the option “Downloadable” to change to Digital Product Fill in the files that will be filled in the Product section Make sure always press Publish to save the product

Here’s a quick way to set up Page Checkout in WooCommerce: Go to WooCommerce> Settings> Checkout Select the Page cart and Page checkout by the page that was created previously as shown below Make sure to click the “Save change” button to save the settings you have made

WooCommerce works best once you create, select and save important pages. Here’s how to quickly set these pages: Shop page Make sure you create a page first with the name SHOP, then proceed with the settings in the WooCommerce menu> Settings> Products> Display (Tabs) Cart and Checkout page, Make sure you have created a page […]

To change the language used in WordPress and WooCommerce to Indonesian, follow the steps below. Enter the Settings menu> General> Site Language Change the language used on the website to Indonesian then click the “Save Changes” button. Download the Indonesian translation of the WooCommerce file that we have provided here. Extract the downloaded file and […]

Install and activate the Loco Translate plugin For example I will translate the word “Description” on a single product page, Enter Menu Loco Translate In the Loco Translate menu, there are several menus including Themes and Plugins, if I want to translate data from the theme, enter the theme menu and select the desired […]