Install and activate the Loco Translate plugin For example I will translate the word “Description” on a single product page, Enter Menu Loco Translate In the Loco Translate menu, there are several menus including Themes and Plugins, if I want to translate data from the theme, enter the theme menu and select the desired […]

Here I will explain how to easily manage orders in WooCommerce: A. Order List You can go to the WooCommerce> Orders menu. There are all existing order data, both those that have just entered, are still being processed, as in the picture above: 1. button to complete or complete an order 2. To view Order […]

Here’s a short way to set up Page My Account on WooCommerce: Enter the WooCommerce menu> Settings> Account Select the page that has been provided for the My Account page Make sure to click “Save change” to save the settings that have been made

Here are the steps for installing the WooCommerce Plugin 1.Go to plugins> Add new 2.Type “WooCommerce” in the search field and click “Install Now“ 3.Wait until the installation is complete and you can use the Woocommerce plugin 4.After the installation is complete, you can setup directly by following the instructions from Woocommerce after the plugin […]

View the Spreadsheets To access the View menu, click the word view in the upper menu above the Google Sheets toolbar. You’ll see a dropdown menu appear with several options listed. The first option is freeze. This refers to freezing rows or freezing columns in your spreadsheet view. Freezing rows and columns are useful if […]

Installing Google Sheets Mobile App First, open your App Store or Google Play Store, search “Google Sheets”, Install it on your device. Second, Sign In with your Google account. After that, you will see all of your spreadsheets you created before and have been shared by you.                      […]

Spreadsheet name Menu bar Basic controls (undo, redo, print, format painter) Zoom Number formatting options Text formatting options Cell formatting options Advanced controls and functions Active cell Formatting Cell, Row, and Column Data  (Use Format on Menu bar, Number Formatting Option, Text Formatting Option, & Cell Formatting Option) For numbers, you can select between a […]

Working with multiple sheets —————————————— Using keyboard shortcuts & code ————————————————– Entering Hyperlinks : First, click the cell where you’d like the link to appear. Now, click the link icon on the toolbar. The link tool will open up. In the text field, type or edit the text you’d like displayed in the cell that […]